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30 September 2007 @ 09:38 pm
What You Carry With You : Loco Weed (13/30)  
Series: What You Carry with You...
Title: Chapter 13: Loco Weed
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII : Advent Children
Pairing: Rufus Shinra / Tifa Lockheart
Rating: PG-13

Characters Herein: Rufus Shinra. Reno

Note: Nothing kills inspiration like your home aquiring bedbugs. And then just when you get used to that sucking some idiot totals your car. Needless to say, my life is all D:

I don't like this chapter, though I kind of like Reno. And Rufus' lack of deftness in the whole 'being a human being with emotions and feelings.' Because despite how much I loves me some pr0n, I loves me some semi-clueless, sexually frustrated Rufus even more. Boy's spent a lot of time in the office. :3

30_kisses submission. The prompt is "Fence."

Full chapter guide and information.

Loco Weed

“What’re you gonna do if she falls for you, boss?”

The words shook Rufus Shinra from his internal thoughts, thoughts meandering on Tifa Lockheart and her fighting spirit and how both combined seemed to almost bring a smile to his face. Albeit it was an amused smile, but a smile nonetheless.

”I don’t recall you getting a second question, either.”

He knew he had played his reaction calmly, taken it in as in he had almost expected such an outburst but… he had been surprised. He had been almost proud Perhaps Lockheart was learning how to play the game. Maybe she really had been paying attention this whole time. Either way it was becoming clear that she was smarter than he gave her credit for and she had more than proven herself in some small way. It would only serve to make their interactions a little more interesting.

And though Rufus didn’t enjoy being overly honest with her; didn’t feel altogether comfortable laying all his cards on the table, so to speak, he hadn’t lied when he said he’d like to get to know her. There had to be more to Tifa Lockheart than what met the eye and what graced the pages of Shinra’s typed up reports. Nibelheim survivor, terrorist, AVALANCHE. More to get to know. More that could only aid him in garnering the barmaid’s trust.

His thoughts had been swirling this constant and repetitive pattern in the backseat of a company car with Reno at the helm. And just when he had decided that he was perhaps giving Tifa Lockheart a bit too much thought for the night, the Turk had decided to pull his thoughts right back onto subject.

Lockheart, Lockheart, Lockheart…

What was he going to do with her?

Rufus sat back, pressed into the leather upholstery of the backseat, hoping for some semblance of quietude; maybe some time to actually unwind after the mentally trying evening he had had. Crowds and gawkers. Those who had the gall to confront him with everything from hopeful questions about Shinra to derisive comments. Everything was either better or worse because of his existence.

Not that Rufus was surprised or anything.

Then there was Tifa Lockheart at the heart of it all. She was there throughout; even stepping into the confines of the balcony, a place where he had thought he could get away momentarily.

She had been paying attention, and to make things even more noteworthy to the president – they had been civil. For the most part.

Lockheart had to think that was eerie. Rufus partway did. And if things got even friendlier…

Rufus swallowed roughly and almost audibly. If things got even friendlier. What were they going to do if things got even friendlier?

Somehow he hadn’t really thought of that. …Which wasn’t to say that Rufus ever thought losing an option, rather… somewhere along the line he hadn’t planned ahead. He had his goal, sure, but what came after attaining said goal was a blank.

Gaining Lockheart’s trust. Wooing her. Getting her to – dare he really think of it, love him. Or at least yearn for him. Hadn’t that been the plan all along? But what to do with the girl when he actually got her affections, ah… that was the real question, now wasn’t it? Rufus sat back as far as he could, as if attempting to meld with the upholstery.

What was he going to do if Tifa Lockheart did, in fact, fall for him?

The thought was almost nauseating because, since Rufus stepped into her bar and back into her life he hadn’t once given the question a thought. Sure it could be a while -- more than a while before he actually succeeded, but Rufus had never prided himself on being haphazard about these kinds of things. About any kinds of things. And yet here he had left enough loose ends to seem amateur at best. It left him raw, feeling distinctly idiotic and… It was almost scary.

And he hadn’t yet answered Reno.

“What, boss? Don’t tell me you didn’t even consider actually winning…”

Rufus looked up, forcing a smirk and meeting Reno’s eyes in the rearview mirror’s reflection. “I’ve considered nothing but winning, Reno. But… It’s merely business, really. Ms. Lockheart’s company, that is.”

“Ah. Publicity, then? Wouldn’t be like you to put pleasure over business.” Reno sounded all too amused.

“Isn’t there room for both?”

“You sure you can have it both ways with her or are you on the fence?”

Rufus raised an eyebrow, growing weary of Reno’s… personality that night. Where was Rude after a night like this? He had been hoping for some peace and quiet, not the constant raving badgering of his supposed second in command. “Dare I ask what you’re getting at?”

Reno turned a corner and though Rufus couldn’t see it, he knew the man had to be grinning. “Ah. Oh the fence. Unsure about one or the other? I mean, if you get Lockheart and she makes you choose, which is it?”

“And? Grace me with your opinion, Reno.”

“Me? Well, you’ve looked at her boss, am I right? I’m of the opinion that dealings with Lockheart would be somewhat more interesting when lookin’ from the pleasure aspect, you know?”

Rufus blinked in Reno’s general direction, unable to fully articulate a response and feeling annoyingly uneasy at the idea of Lockheart and pleasure and pleasuring Lockheart and… Rufus opted for silence, staring out the window as Reno deftly pulled into the Shinra Compound.

And Reno stayed silent, or rather as silent as he could, stifling laughter as he stopped the engine.

“Stop that.” Rufus stepped out of the vehicle and slammed the door shut, staring at the redhead in expectation.

“What?” Reno grinned full on, now, either unable to contain himself or not bothering.”

”Being so amused.”

“Me? Amused? At your love life? Nah.” That sly look crossed the Turk’s face as he turned on one heel and headed toward the entrance, Rufus following suit with notably less bounce in his step. “Though… when you kiss her, make sure not to bite her. Don’t get carried away, eh?” He chuckled and swiped his keycard to be let into the mansion.

“Reno, why would anyone do such a thing?” He leveled a glare as he pushed through the entranceway, letting the door shut behind and waiting for the comforting sound of his building’s security system turning back on.

“Oh, no one means to.. Course, when you haven’t had much practice accidents happen…”

And with that Reno was gone, exiting with the deft maneuverability and speed that only a Turk such as himself could possess. This, of course, left Rufus alone in the foyer, half-enraged and a little embarrassed, not only because of what Reno had said – What Reno had implied, but because the man had a point and Rufus hadn’t even thought remotely in that direction.

He didn’t know what to think, but he knew he couldn’t back down.

He could never back down, no matter how uncomfortable the situation currently was feeling.

And with that conflicted thought he plopped down on the nearest solid mass – a coffee table of some sort and ran his fingers through his hair.

“Rufus Shinra, what are you doing?”
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lceruleanl: Roddielceruleanl on October 2nd, 2007 04:55 am (UTC)
Reno. HEEE. Frustrated Rufus is TEH bestest. Especially with Reno smirking on the sidelines being the ass that he inevitably is.