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30 November 2007 @ 01:23 am
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Series: What You Carry With You...
Title: Spider Web.

Notes: I think I might officially be coming back from an unofficial writing hiatus. This means I haven't written a thing in two months. Right now I'm literally made of rust about these things so everything sounds quite frankly... like crap.

Which I don't like.

I have my pride to think of, after all.

But I have to put up something for 30_kisses. I don't want to write HORRIBLE CRAP, so I've decided to write a ficlet. It just so happens that said unnamed ficlet doubles as a preview of chapter 14.

"Spider Web"

It didn’t add up, no matter how much Tifa attempted to wrap her mind around the concept. How could Rufus Shinra have never visited the Gold Saucer? Sure, twenty-six year old Rufus with his business proposals and seemingly strong aversion to fun in a normal sense would most likely not be a regular at the Happiest Place on Gaia, but he had to have been a child at some point.

Considering how much his family had had invested in the amusement park, it only made sense that he would have visited the colorful, character laden halls, ridden the rides, had a questionable corn dog. At least for a good photo-op.

But something in the way Rufus seemed to be taking in the sights, something barely noticeable in the way he dashed to and fro proved he wasn’t making it up. He hadn’t been to Saucer before.

And maybe that’s why she decided to let him take the lead. Any other situation would have made her wary – she still wasn’t comfortable in the slightest being paraded around and she still couldn’t wait to be rid of this arrangement they, no. He had made. She couldn’t wait to prove him wrong, wrong, wrong. But it couldn’t hurt to sit back and let him have a little fun.

Also she was sure he would eventually make a damned fool out of himself. She almost found herself hoping he would opt toward the Wonder Square. Maybe Tifa was feeling particularly cruel, but she couldn’t see the young president who evidently never had fun being all that skilled at skee-ball.

So maybe she should have paid a bit more attention when he steered them toward the Event Square.

“CONGRATULATIONS! You’re our hundredth couple this week!”

She could feel herself involuntarily gritting her teeth as she recalled years earlier during the Meteor fiasco. Her and Cloud and this theme park’s pitiful excuse for live entertainment. Event Square. She could remember vague moments of the performance. Something about a king and a dragon and… She narrowed her eyes on Rufus Shinra, who seemed almost pathetic, being pulled and prodded by park attendants as children watched from the sidelines. She wondered why he didn’t protest, but immediately chalked it up to the crowd. Can’t go looking like an antisocial, self-centered grouch when you’re attempting to put on a good face in the public spectrum.

That didn’t mean that she had to suck it up and play into this little game, and though she wasn’t about to storm off stage, she knew her self-imposed limits. She knew where this little play might eventually end. She hadn’t kissed Cloud here on that night years ago, but she knew for a fact that’s what the park might have wanted, just as she knew given the chance, Rufus would spitefully go through with it.

She glared his way, from across the polished floor, underneath colored spotlights. Glared a glare that said so much, but most of all stated, “Kiss the dragon. Kiss the king, if you must but come near me and you will be neutered, I promise you.”

She hoped he had learned from previous encounters just how seriously she kept her promises.

ALC: Hojo approvedjackks on November 30th, 2007 05:23 pm (UTC)
The Fic Lives!
You have no idea the joy seeing this on my Flist brought! Good to see your still plugging away with what simply is one of the best "pairing" fics in the FFVII fandom. No overstatement.

Your writing always portrays the characters perfectly, the dialogue is snark genious and you have this gift for making a seemingly impossible situation believable XD

Argh, this little preview has totally wet my appetite for chap 14. Cannot wait! Update soon!

P.S The line "Kiss the dragon. Kiss the king, if you must but come near me and you will be neutered, I promise you." made me giggle snort... loudly and embarrasingly ^^;

P.P.S. Out of curiousity, have you seen the "alternate" date scenes (e.g. the Sephiroth/Aeris GS date scene) on You Tube? *shameful plug* I couldn't help but wonder...